Friday, January 12, 2018

First B'day of my Son - 19/11/2017

Feeling happy to be back with my new post once again after a long gap of almost two years. These two years kept me busy in looking after my new family, my hubby (Ronald) and my small cute little super hero kid of one year (Elton). Recently, on 19th Nov 2017 we celebrated his first B'day in a simple way. Below is our family photo.

Now since I can make up little time for me, I am eagerly looking forward to share my new post.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Soundatti Kila and Water Treatment Plant Aminbhavi

It was second Saturday i.e 13th December 2014. As usual the day started with the routine housework. Since it was second Saturday of the month, dad had holiday. So, all three (Mom, Dad and me) decided to move out and chill for a day after a long time.

We decided to go to Soundatti Kila and Yallamana Temple. We travelled in a Soundatti bus at around 10.00 am from Dharwad. It was a nice view to see all the grassy fields on our way.

Grassy fields

From Dharwad to Soundatti, it took one and half hour. We reached Soundatti around 11.30 am. From there we moved to Yallamana gudda to visit the temple. I had never been there and thus felt good to see the temple. We could see some localites and some people who had come there to visit the temple and spend time. We were there for half an hour and came back to Soundatti at around 12.15 pm.

Yallamana Temple

As the time passed, we went to Soundatti Kila which is the oldest one. At the entrace, a brief information was given about of the Kila. We went in. It was a very old Kila. We spent more time around the place. Took rest in the Kila park and had some snacks. Many school students had also been there from a different place. They were enjoying playing the games.

Soundatti Kila

After about one or one & half hour, we left the Kila. Had lunch in a hotel and then left to Aminbhavi, located in Dharwad District of Karnataka. It was about 5'o clock in the evening we reached Aminbhavi near the Water Treatment Plant. It was a good experience to be there to know how water is purified at different stages and how its been sent to the users through different channels. Below are some of the snaps taken over there.
Aminbhavi Water Treatment Plant

Finally, we left Aminbhavi and at around 8 pm we reached Dharwad. It was a wonderful one day time spent with my family.

"Time Spent with Family Is Worth Every Second"

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brahma Kamal, a Very Rare Flower Bloomed at My Home

Brahma Kamal(ब्रह्मकमल) is one of the unique flower that blooms only at night time and so it is popularly known as "Night blooming Cereus", "Queen of the night", "Lady of the night". It is also known as King of Himalayan flower. Saussurea obvallata is the botanical name of this flower. Brahma Kamal begins to bloom after sunset and at night sets in and reaches its maximum beauty till the midnight(12.00 am).

Brahma Kamal is the beautiful creation of the Almighty. I was very much happy to see this flower for the first time, blooming at home at Dharwad.

Brahma Kamal
Buds Started to Open at 6.00 pm
Brahma Kamal
Half Bloomed at 8.00 pm
Brahma Kamal
At 10.00 pm
At 11.00 pm
At 11.00 pm
At 11.45 pm
 At 11.45 pm
Brahma Kamal
Completely Bloomed at 12.00 am mid-night
"Flowers are love's truest language."-  Park Benjamin

 "Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into."- Henry Ward Beecher, Life Thoughts  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy to Spend My Time in the Village

Back with my second post. Hope you all like it. I would like to share my thoughts on a small village, Post Chendia which is in Karwar Taluk in Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka State, India.

It is my granny's place. When I go to the village, I feel so happy and excited to visit Sakalbag which is surrounded by small mountain rocks, fields. When I was small, I would spend most of my summer holidays there along with my cousins. Those are the most memorable days we still remember. As the years passed with lot of improvements, there is less population in Sakalbag, but even now we visit that place, sit on the rocks of the small mountain, gather and eat some of the seasonal fruits like cashew apples, Kantam and spend our evening time on the banks of the river or a dam. We even go for fishing and enjoy a lot.
Seasonal Fruits
Old Photo(Sakalbag)
Recent Photo
When I spend time watching the river, I just get completely involved in it. I strongly believe that the sound of the flowing water, the wonderful peaceful evening atmosphere will make anyone forget their worries for a moment.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Thoughts and Feelings

This is my very first introductory post. I really feel happy to share my thoughts and feelings about the beautiful nature. There are many places where there is much greenery, a breathtaking scenic beauty and wonderful cool beaches. I get lost in it and enjoy each and every moment of my life. Along with it, if there is a good music, then it will be a great leisure time. I know, like me, there are many others who get connected with the nature's beauty which infact is necessary in our day to day life to get relax from the routine life and get peace. So "LET'S GET CONNECTED THROUGH HEART".